Cologne Open - discover the jazz scene "made in NRW"

The occasion for the COLOGNE OPEN is the "Artistic Exchange Platform" (AEP) which will be taking place at the Stadtgarten on march 1st - 2nd. The AEP will bring together about 20 different artistic directors of Jazz festivals and venues to discuss the artistic aspects of their programming. Organizers of this very new event are the European Jazz Network (EJN) and the Opening as a “European Center for Jazz and Contemporary Music“ at Stadtgarten.

Due to the assembly of that much artistic directors the Stadtgarten decided to host a showcase festival with some of the finest young jazz groups in Cologne. Both evenings of 1st and 2nd March will host some of the most interesting and influential young musicians of the local scene on the stage of concert hall and studio 672 at Stadtgarten. This gives a chance to discover the lively and creative jazz scene "made in NRW" not only to the artistic directors but also to the local audience - which we warmly invite to join us for this event! The German journalist and long time insider of the Cologne jazz scene, Hans-Jürgen Linke, put together four to five bands for each of those two nights.

Th 01.03. 20:00h at concert hall / tickets: 12 Euro (box office) / 10 Euro (presales)
Makkro (Janning Trumann (tb), Christian Lorenzen (wurlitzer, synth.), David Helm (db), Oliver Lutz (e-b), Fabian Arends (dr), Thomas Sauerborn (dr) )
phase : : vier (Filippa Gojo (voc), Zuzana Leharová (vl), Elisabeth Coudoux (vc), Svenja Doeinck (db))
Trio Aurora (Lucas Leidinger (p), Sebastian Gille (sax), Fabian Arends (dr))

Th 01.03. 22:30h at Studio672 / free entry
Nicola Hein Solo (guit, electr) / SALOMEA (Rebekka Salomea (voc, fx), Yannis Anft (synths), Oliver Lutz (e- & synth b), Leif Berger (dr, drumpad))

Fr 02.03. 20:00h at concert hall / tickets: 12 Euro (box office) / 10 Euro (presales)
Duo Lukasheva/Mahnig (Tamara Lukasheva (voc), Dominik Mahnig (dr))
Enso (Stefan Schönegg (db), Leonhard Huhn (sax), Nathan Bontrager (vc), EAnthony Greminger (dr))
Mengamo Trio (Philipp Brämswig (guit, elec.), Sebastian Scobel (hammond org), Thomas Sauerborn (dr))

Fr 02.03. 22:30h at Studio672 / free entry
Hanna Schörken Solo (voc) / Pablo Giw Solo (tp, voc)

Fr 02.03. from 24.00h on at Studio672: Cologne Open Clubnight: / free entry
Lauritz Düsseldorf (No Obi, No Insert, / Phillip Jondo Köln (NTS, Salon des Amateurs) / Sarah San Köln (Good News)

Tue, 09.01.2018

COLOGNE OPEN is supported by the Initiative Musik Non-profit Project Company Ltd. with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media on the basis of a resolution passed by the German Bundestag.

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