Unsere neue Auszubildende Luisa

Without a broadly based organisation team our diverse program would not even come on stage. The Stadtgarten has been training people in a wide variety of professions for years. We asked our new trainee Luisa a few questions.

Luisa Paolini, 25 years
Apprenticeship as event manager (since August 2020)

The interview was conducted on November 4, 2020, at the beginning of the lockdown light in Germany.

How has Corona affected your training so far?

Of course, I have entered into a significantly slimmed-down concert business. In August, when I started, there were the "Green Room" concerts four times a week in our open-air area. From October on, the hall was used a few times a week instead, but JAKI no longer played at all. Of course, this also influences what you do in the office every day. A lot is said about new measures, regulations, hygiene concepts and how we adhere to and implement them.

I learn a little more about crisis management and also get an impression of what the pandemic is doing to the event industry. You're already kind of up close and personal. When I talk to my colleagues from the concert office, I think that the hustle and bustle in the house is missing a bit. Otherwise, the hall and JAKI had four concerts in one day, which is as much as we do in one week. There was always something going on.

**What are typical tasks that you carry out as an apprentice in your field?

I mainly work as an assistant in the NICA Artist Development program. I help with the internet presence, do translations or write news texts and coordinate the rehearsals of the NICA artists*. Furthermore, I maintain events on the homepage, look after the ticket system, set up ticket presales, book travel and hotels, etc. I also attend the events in the evening more often.
In the first weeks of the summer, when open-air events were still possible, I also helped to design seating plans and was partly involved from beginning to end in the conception, organization and realization.

**How did you come to the Stadtgarten?

I studied before and realized that only theoretical learning without direct reference to practice and also my subjects - English and French - never gave me much. I was constantly toying with the idea of an apprenticeship and then after I graduated at the beginning of the year (2020) I didn't feel particularly qualified. So I felt like learning something more practically oriented. I already knew the Stadtgarten through my involvement in c/o pop 2018, which was also partly carried out in the Stadtgarten. In addition, I have always enjoyed working at events and festivals in general. During my time in France, for example, I enjoyed helping out with friends* who organized techno parties. At the beginning of the year I saw the announcement for an internship at the Stadtgarten and decided to do the apprenticeship afterwards.

**What has surprised you so far about your education?

How open and nice everyone is and also how much autonomy you will get, so that you also get responsibility, which I am really good at. And at the same time you have a lot of variety: You don't just sit at your seat, you are also present at the events in the evening. I like that very much!

**What do you like best and what do you dislike most about your education?

Being present at the events, having an overview and making sure that everything runs smoothly. Actually, there is nothing I don't like at all. I don't really like the office organization, for example archiving flyers etc., but that's part of it too. Office work in particular is a big part of the training.

**The Stadtgarten is a place for jazz and contemporary music. Which music do you listen to in private?

I mostly listen to electronic music. For example Techno, Electro, but also more experimental stuff and sometimes Synth-Pop.

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