Ausverkauft: Der Literarische Salon mit Rachel Cusk

Ausverkauft: Es wird keine Abendkasse geben.

A stylist who writes about the trivial like an ancient tragedy. And unmasks the seemingly great with a light hand. An author whose novels are as thoughtful as essays and whose essays are as beautiful to read as novels. A feminist who disturbs feminists in her radicalism, truthfulness, and self-criticism. A contemporary who looks with a cold eye at her, our society. A literary world star who consistently eludes the establishment. A solitaire - that is Rachel Cusk, who was born in Canada in 1967 as the daughter of English parents, grew up in Los Angeles, returned to England at the age of eight and now lives in France.
While she caused a stir in the Anglo-Saxon world with her provocative memoir on motherhood ("Life's Work") and was subsequently celebrated for her novels, the reception in the German-speaking world was the other way around: Here she was already famous for her trilogy of novels "Outline," when her essays shook up all the positions in the battle of the sexes. Most recently, a volume of essays and a novel, "Coventry" and "Der fremde Blick," appeared in quick succession, and we would like to talk about both with Rachel Cusk, who brings form and idea to a luminous unity.

Thu, 12.01.2023

Rachel Cusk, Navid Kermani, Guy Helminger


concert hall Start 20:30 Doors 20:00

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