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CEEYS // Neo-Klassik ‚Weekender‘

Within the framework of the neo-classical 'Weekender' from 02-04 Oct. 2020, five top-class representatives of the genre will be coming to Cologne. With very limited seats and enough space, we can look forward to unique concerts in the 'Green Room', the roofed open-air area of the Stadtgarten. In case of bad weather the concerts will be moved to the big hall of the Stadtgarten. Here, there is an elaborated hygiene concept with corresponding safety measures for contact restriction, which among other things provides for a place-specific traceability of all guests. During the concerts there is no obligation to wear masks on the seats.

Throughout their careers, the Potsdam-based brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke have repeatedly addressed issues of their communist-influenced East German heritage. The memories saved by their music are by far not only historical but above all emotional. It is a recollection of her past: her childhood and youth in East Berlin during the last decade of the GDR and the post-reunification period. At its core, the duo's music can be heard like a dialogue between brothers about their upbringing and experiences, a conversation that takes shape through Sebastian's cello and Daniel's piano, and which unites in their joint playing to form CEEYS.

An event of a.s.s. concerts.

Fri, 02.10.2020
Concert Highlight!


Start 21:00

25 € Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees.

Stadtgarten-Cards are NOT valid for this event

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