Eiko Ishibashi © Seiji Shibuya

Eiko Ishibashi, Oren Ambarchi & crys cole, Alessandra Novaga– ReiheM

Eight hours is not a day - music, life, family history. A child photo of her father was the occasion for the Japanese singer-songwriter Eiko Ishibashi to deal with the effects of the private and collective silence about Japan's warlike expansion policy in the 20th century on her latest album "The Dream My Bones Dream" (2018).

The Milanese Alessandra Novaga is one of the most striking European experimental guitarists who succeeded with her concept album "Fassbinder Wunderkammer" (2017), on which she deconstructed Peer Raven's classic film tunes with her electric guitars, in paying impressive homage to the critical post-war generation.
The experimental musicians crys cole and Oren Ambarchi process their experiences as artists and lovers on a world tour in their concerts and records such as the double album "Hotel Record" (2017).

Eiko Ishibashi
Eiko Ishibashi is a Japanese singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She has released numerous solo albums on the Chicago label Drag City, all of which have been critically acclaimed. The British WIRE dedicated a cover story to her and her partner Jim O'Rouke last year. In addition to her long-standing collaboration with Jim O'Rourke, her collaboration with the Japanese noise musician Masami Akita aka Merzbow deserves special mention. On her European tour she will be accompanied by Australian drummer Joe Talia.

Alessandra Novaga
Alessandra Novaga, who lives in Milan, plays classical and electric guitar. She mainly deals with new and experimental music and improvisation on the basis of graphic or textual notations. Composers such as Paula Matthusen, Sandro Mussida and Travis Just have written works for her. Novaga has toured Europe and the USA, performing at festivals and venues such as the Donaueschinger Musiktage, Himera Festivaali (FN), Café OTO, Hundred Years Gallery (London), Quiet Cue (Berlin), O' and Standards (Milan). Her third solo album "Fassbinder Wunderkammer" was released in 2017.

crys cole
crys cole is a Canadian sound artist, composer and sound performer. Her trademark is the concrete and electroacoustically amplified sound play with seemingly everyday materials. cole has played in Canada, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, the USA, and throughout Europe. She currently prefers to work with Oren Ambarchi and James Rushford (under the name Ora Clementi). She has also performed with Francis Plagne, Leif Elggren, Tetuzi Akiyama, Seiji Morimoto, Jessika Kenney, David Rosenboom, Keith Rowe and others. coles numerous publications can be found on labels like Black Truffle, Penultimate Press, Ultra Eczema, Touch and MeGO.

Oren Ambarchi
Oren Ambarchi (born 1969) is an Australian multi-instrumentalist. His work concentrates mainly on the research of the electric guitar. But he also plays drums or percussion at some of his live performances. The list of his solo albums and collaborations is long. The cooperations with Sunn O)))), Attila Csihar and Stephen O'Malley, Chris Townend, Paul Duncan, Jim O'Rourke, Eiko Ishibashi and many others should be emphasized. In 2017 he played in the Ever Present Band of the US-American composer Alvin Lucier, which in 2018 also brought him to a celebrated performance at the Cologne art station Sankt Peter. For some time now Oren Ambarchi has been touring with his partner crys cole. With her he released the double album "Hotel Record" in 2017 for his own label Black Truffel.

Wed, 15.05.2019
Concert Highlight!

Pop, Experimentelle Musik, Improv

concert hall Start 20:00

15 €/10 € red. Box Office

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