Eva Klesse Quartett © Geraldine Hutt

Eva Klesse Quartett

The story of the Eva Klesse Quartet begins on January 8, 2013, with a small session opening concert in Leipzig.
Almost ten years, four albums, hundreds of concerts, thousands of tour kilometers once around half the world and numerous awards (Echo Jazz, SWR Jazzpreis and others) later, the band now releases its fifth (anniversary) album: songs against lonelines.
In 13 new pieces, the quartet around Evgeny Ring (saxophone), Philip Frischkorn (piano) Eva Klesse (drums) and - new addition - Marc Muellbauer (double bass) once again proves its gift for musically telling stories that deal - not only, but also - with the realities and emotions of the pandemic last two years, with longing, hope, melancholy, but also with healing, resilience and strength.After 10 years of musical and friendship, the quartet shows a special artistic maturity on songs against loneliness.
It becomes clear: these four are perfectly attuned to each other. The ensemble realized early on that its collective strength comes from giving each other space for different playing attitudes and individual shaping. To listen to each other and to encourage and challenge each other with a fine feeling is the great quality of this band.
The music of the new album always has a clear structure and form, in which the musicians move quite somnambulistically. With particular sharpness and even more focused than before, the quartet once again proves its aesthetic approach: the translation of stories, images and feelings into songs without words. And this translation is particularly successful with songs against loneliness. In fact, much of this album is reminiscent of poetry. Every tone, every gesture, every beat and beat, is deliberately placed like punctuation marks and line breaks. What has remained is the interactive joy of playing and the intense and joyful interaction of the four musicians that can be observed so well in live concerts.

Wed, 13.09.2023

Evgeny Ring (Saxophon), Philip Frischkorn (piano), Marc Muellbauer (double bass), Eva Klesse (drums)


concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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