Late Night

Buttechno © Oleksandra Trishyna / Jenny Cara © Lexi Sun / Philipp Jondo © Artist

Jaki pres. Buttechno (live), Jenny Cara & Phillip Jondo

JAKI presents its finest bookings: this time with Buttechno (live), Jenny Cara & Philipp Jondo!

Having achieved certain recognition with his dancefloor-oriented project Buttechno, the Berlin-based artist is currently focused on sonic experiments and artistic collaborations under his birth name.

Opposed to the aggressive imperial politics of his homeland, Pavel uses his work to acknowledge the historical and cultural context, delving into sociopsychological issues that haunt the society, and addressing memory — both collective and individual — and its potential to change our visions of the future.

Working in various musical genres, he created collaborative works with artists such as Bendik Giske, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Yana Pavlova, and Richie Culver. Pavel presented his live sets at such venues as Berghain, and Tresor and performed at festivals like CTM, Berlin Atonal, Terraforma, and Primavera Sound.

Working with different media, he created the audiovisual pieces “Infra” and “Haunted Mansion” commissioned by the Venice Biennale in 2020 and 2021. Pavel also runs and curates the “psy x” record label — a platform for sonic and visual works by like-minded artists and for ‘non-format’ records of his own.

Jenny Cara

As an experienced promoter and DJ, Jenny Cara moves effortlessly between different spaces and networks of Zurich’s club and nightlife culture. She has no fear of putting her finger where it hurts, which sometimes feels like she is digging her own grave, as she puts it. She cannot pinpoint how her awareness of the inequality in nightlife started, it crept up on her and now she is at the forefront of promoting progressive culture and minds thinking more inclusive futures.

For 14 years she has been engaged as a promoter. Working at Club Zukunft in Zurich she was responsible for bookings and club management, while working tirelessly to bring diversity to one of the most important institutions in Zurich’s nightlife. She is also known for organizing and curating parties in off-space locations all over the city. Through that, she has become a main player in the work of translating between the subculture and big institutions.

With her bookings, she shows a great sense for curating nights that combine established DJs with promising talents. She advocates for bookers to put in the extra research and take the risk – even if it backfires in 1 out of 10 cases.

Fri, 13.01.2023
Late Night

jaki Start 23:30 Doors 23:30

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