Kathrin Pechlof Trio © Ulla C. Binder

Jazz at Green Room: Kathrin Pechlof Quartett

Kathrin Pechlof, Christian Weidner and Robert Landfermann have been playing together as a trio since 2011 and have consistently developed their collective concept over the years. This leads to a uniquely homogeneous playing culture characterised by blind trust and deep understanding. Composition and improvisation blur, traditional role models are dissolved, everyone is a soloist, accompanist, impulse giver and pathfinder, the trio has become a "meta-instrument" - a kind of collective entity. Now the established band is extended by drummer Leif Berger.

About working together with her trio, Pechlof said: "A very important aspect in our work is friendship and a common idea of musical freedom and what can grow under the terms "jazz and improvised music". In order to develop as human beings, we can't help but face the unknown again and again and open ourselves up to the unfamiliar. We want to invite the audience to join us on a path that is not predefined. We want to invite the audience to join us on a path that is not predefined, to let go of the unknown, to surrender to us and to the course of the music. If something happens internally while listening to music and someone leaves the concert changed, then we have achieved something."

Sun, 16.07.2023
Concert Highlight!

Kathrin Pechlof (harp), Christian Weidner (alto saxophone), Robert Landfermann (bass), Leif Berger (drums)

Jazz, Improvisierte Musik

GREEN ROOM Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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