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KLAENG 2020 – The Solo Edition: Robert Landfermann / Kaja Draksler / Norma Winston

Das Konzert ist bestuhlt - Es erfolgt eine feste Sitzplatzvergabe durch unser Einlasspersonal auf Grundlage der aktuellen Verordnungen. Die Mund-Nasen-Bedeckungspflicht gilt auch auf den Sitzplätzen während des Konzerts. Die geltenden Hygienevorschriften im Haus sind zu beachten.

The Presale starts on 14th of october 2020 at 12:00pm.

Perhaps solo playing is the greatest adventure in jazz. If you are embedded in an ensemble, you can be inspired by your fellow players*, open up to them, and you can rely on them. But then it happens: One day you stand alone on a stage, you can only rely on yourself, you have to show yourself as you are, not only in this special moment, but fundamentally.

In a solo program you have the greatest freedom in improvisation and at the same time you have to discipline yourself to the highest level, you have to be creative and at the same time mercilessly sincere. The virtuoso mastery of an instrument and the musical material is then only one side, the other side is constantly asking questions: What do you want from yourself

Exactly in such moments great art can be created. In the soloistic play with sounds and harmonies, with forms and free structures, composition and improvisation flow completely into each other, the inner view becomes the outer view, a musician is an experiencing and narrative figure in one.

A collective, KLAENG said, is much more than the sum of its members. That is true, and this has been confirmed again and again in ten years of KLAENG in many different variations. And yet in every partner slumbers a very special "individual collective", the personal cosmos of feelings, sensitivities and experiences. The eleventh KLAENG-Festival is exclusively dedicated to these individual abilities and possibilities.

The shape of this personal music is only decided at the moment of encounter - with the space, the audience, but above all with oneself.

Fri, 20.11.2020
Concert Highlight!

Robert Landfermann (double bass), Kaja Draksler (piano), Norma Winston (vocals)

concert hall
Start 19:00

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