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LE POP - LA SÉRIE: Mathieu Boogaerts

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"Ondulé" is the name of the first hit by Mathieu Boogaerts. The soft offbeat, the charming tone of his voice and the playful touch of this delightful melody make this song the perfect prelude to the first Le Pop compilation. It is fair to say that Le Pop started with Boogaerts and not only because of his prominent position in the tracklist. For the then Nouvelle Scène Française he is one of the most important figures and he also has a significant influence on the new chanson generation, which even dedicates a tribute sampler ("La Souterraine Ondulée") to him. Boogaerts himself is influenced by the poetry of George Brassens and the wealth of ideas of Dick Annegarn. He interweaves this tradition with Jamaican, Brazilian and African music.

As a link between established neo chanson stars and newcomers, Boogaerts is the perfect guest to open the new concert series in Cologne's Stadtgarten "Le Pop - La Série". With Le Pop he is not only connected to numerous sampler contributions, but also to two wonderful albums from the catalog: the almost flawless, acoustic-dreamy "Michel" and the rhythmically daring "I Love You".

In cooperation with the Kölner Stadtgarten, we are organizing 5-6 concerts a year with artists from the Le Pop environment starting in spring 2021. We share a common history of successful concerts with the venue, which now receives a regular framework. The spectrum of artists we want to invite to Cologne ranges from exciting newcomers to established acts from the francophone world. Our goal is to curate the series in such a way that the audience can expect an atmospheric and musically interesting evening, regardless of the live act - just like you know it from Le Pop.

Thu, 24.06.2021

Mathieu Boogaerts (vocals, guitar), Vincent (guitar, keyboard)

Pop, Reggae

Start 20:00

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