((( LIVESTREAM ))) klaeng die Serie: Markus Stockhausen Solo & Sirocco Saxophone Quartett feat. Frederik Köster

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trumpet, flugelhorn with electronic extensions

The name PHOENIX stands for intuitive solo improvisations. Coloured sound sculptures arise from the moment. They inspire the imagination of the listener, open inner spaces of fantasy, perception, consciousness. In his solo program PHOENIX, Markus Stockhausen draws on the experience from his musical career of more than 40 years. He has always played classical, contemporary and jazz music at the highest international level. Intuitive music is always new, created completely in the moment and takes into account the place, the time, the people present as well as current events.

Markus Stockhausen writes: "We live in a new age, and therefore we try to make music that corresponds to the present time as we experience it. It springs from a new consciousness that leaves old structures and prepares new ones. It is no longer about a higher, faster way of moving on, about a certain style or a certain message. It is about an authenticity, about a true expression of sound, about an openness and readiness, a sensitivity, a making music with completely receptive antennas for inspiration and a comprehensive perception".

The audience can be curious about new, intimate and meditative sounds. The Indian mystic and musician Hazrat Inayat Khan said: "Music is the language of the soul."

The Sirocco Saxophone Quartet has entered into a fascinating artistic partnership with the renowned trumpeter and ECHO JAZZ prizewinner Frederik Köster. The warm, variable sound of the saxophone quartet blends ingeniously with the sound of the jazz trumpet.
Together, the five musicians create a unique mix of sound and style that has probably never been heard before in this line-up: classical sounds and structures with contemporary influences meet free improvisation and jazz harmonies.
Various composers - some with roots in classical and modern music, others with roots in jazz - found this line-up very appealing and created an exciting and varied repertoire of wonderful music for this ensemble. Ballads, jazz tangos, spherical soundscapes and contemporary works complement each other perfectly for a unique listening experience.

"Together with Frederik Köster, Sirocco goes his own individual way, finds his own direction between precisely laid out musical landscapes and the wild growth of jazz with a clear compass. Levante is an unusual work far from all stereotypes, which shows a lot of soul as well as a lot of clever details".

Wed, 09.12.2020


concert hall Start 20:00

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