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Louise Lémon

„Heartbreak Forever“ Tour 2021

Death Gospel. What kind of music style is that again? LOUISE LEMÓN explains it on her recently released album "A Broken Heart Is An Open Heart" (Icons Creating Evil Art/Broken Silence) and reaps fantastic reviews from magazines from the most diverse genres. Death Gospel is not pigeonholed, it leaves room for creativity and a wide spectrum of musical freedom.

At the center of LOUISE LEMÓN's music is her incredibly clear, soulful and changeable voice. The dark and yet also poppy mood that emanates from the songs on the album skillfully underpins the vocals. An acoustic piano, smoky nightclub atmosphere, a bass as deep as hell itself and repeatedly sounding guitars underline the poisoned, sad mood.LOUISE's sound is sometimes deep black, then soulful, lascivious then again whispering, dreamy - it conjures the listener in a most pleasant way. At the latest the catchy choruses of the songs show how gripping Death Gospel can be.

Songs like the mystical "Egyptian Darkness" and "Appalacherna" already made it into the Netflix series "Tidelands", the song "Thirst" accompanied the US Lifetime series "UnReal" (Season 3, Episode 8).

Lana Del Rey would be a good comparison as an artist, but wrapped in a black veil and lent with proper depth. LOUISE LEMÓN captivates her listeners with her vocals, so that it is hard to resist her sounds - almost like an Amazon - picture-perfect and magical at the same time.

Guitars, organ, keys, drums and a lot of reverb - a dense sound fabric. But sometimes there is light at the end of the tunnel, namely when Louise ventures a journey into poppier atmospheres: dreamlike arrangements and an engaging chorus convince even the last critic here. Darkpop meets Indiesoul meets LOUISE LEMÓN "The Queen of Death Gospel"...

Wed, 29.09.2021

Pop, Gospel, Death Gospel

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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