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Mahalia im Winter mit Debütalbum in Deutschland

When the British singer and songwriter Mahalia released her breakthrough single "Sober" in 2017, the then
19-year-old can already look back on an astonishing output. Already in 2012 the longing ballad "Headspace", built on a delicate guitar melody, was released, followed by EPs and other singles and in 2016 "Diary Of Me", which summarized many of these songs.
Writing songs has always been easy for Mahalia, she wrote the first songs when she was eight and signed her major deal when she was 13.
But the career itself, the sudden attention and pressure put her under pressure. So Mahalia finally said: Basta!
Moved back from hip London to her homeland Leicester, recorded "Sober", sang the song at a now almost legendary COLORS session that went virally and chose her own tempo from then on. Since then she has played countless concerts, inspired more with every single, knocked out the empowerment duet "Proud Of Me" with Little Simz - and finally finished what she calls her debut album.

In September "Love And Compromise" will be released, which in terms of attitude and album title is a clear homage to the great Eartha Kitt and, according to Mahalia, was musically inspired by Billie Eilish's debut and Jill Scott's "Woman".
All Mahalia is, however, what is due to her big voice, which can smooth soul (as in "Grateful") as well as defiant pop à la "I Wish I Missed My Ex". Live it's good anyway, because Mahalia is charismatic as fuck with all this talent.

So: Go there!

An event of Concertteam NRW.

Thu, 05.12.2019

R&B, Soul

concert hall
Start 20:00

22 € Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees.

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