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Metamorphosis - Hindol Deb / Crossover Jazz Quartett

DIe Kölner Indienwoche zu Gast im Stadtgarten.

VVK will start shortly.

Metamorphosis explores the boundaries between jazz, crossover and classical Indian music, making aesthetic connections between the two genres. Although the respective cultural identity is always kept in mind, the compositions are created on a medium path that creates balance and understanding.

Polyrhythmic and raga musical aspects flow into the compositions from Indian musical contexts, while the jazz language is retained in harmony and instrumentation. This project focuses on experiencing two different perspectives at eye level and accepting intercultural mergers, in this time more than ever.

After completing his master's degree in Improvising Art at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Reza Askari has participated in various bands and projects and has travelled to various European countries, the USA and the Middle and Far East. He has worked with artists such as Marc Ducret, Lee Konitz and Mike Herting and has performed at various jazz festivals such as the Leverkusen Jazz Festival, the Moers Festival and the Eight Bridges Festival.

Cross-genre and cross-cultural, impulsive and subtle: Antoine Duijkers plays jazz drums and African percussion. As a sound generator and improviser, he mixes the tradition of jazz with traditional African music from Ghana and Senegal. From this he creates his own sound, which is earthy and airy at the same time and opens up new paths without losing his roots.

Clemens Orth is a master of a very sophisticated harmonic language, ranging from classical counterpoint to atonality. He uses external musical influences to set new accents in the improvisations and to connect seemingly distant musical points with each other. His encounters with musicians from all over the world made him a stylistically very experienced and versatile musician, who brilliantly masters to transfer his musical cosmos into the most different contexts.

Sitarist and composer Hindol explored the infinite combinations in the crossover of Indian music with various other genres such as Contemporary Western Classical, Jazz, Flamenco, Nordic Folk and Balkan music. Hindol was invited by the Carnegie Hall Academy of the French Ministry of Culture as an artist to collaborate with the musicians there. He teaches at the Pop Academy Mannheim and conducts sitar lessons and workshops on classical Indian music, improvisation and interpretation of Indian music in the Western musical context.

The concert will take place during the 11th Cologne India Week

Sat, 29.06.2019
Concert Highlight!

Reza Askari (kb), Antoine Duijkers (Afrikanische Perkussion), Clemens Orth (p), Hindol Deb (Sitar)

concert hall
Start 21:00

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