Daniel Erdmann - Therapie de Couple © Romuald Ducros

Multiphonics Festival: Samantha Wright – „Ivy Mind“ / Daniel Erdmann "Thérapie de couple" / Norbert Stein "Pata Kandinsky"

7:00 p.m.
Samantha Wright - "Ivy Mind"

Samantha Wright doesn't play the clarinet, she sings it! The clarinet is her voice, pliable, elegant and tender, richly infused with moods and emotions. In 2017, the British clarinetist came to Hamburg to study at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, where she studied with Rolf Kühn and others. "It's not everyday to have even developed your own sound on this instrument at such a young age," Kühn praised. She makes jazz standards like "Body and Soul" just as confidently her own as a Beatles song ("And I Love Her"). With the formation IVYMIND she goes one step further, combining melody, improvisation and sound research with electronic accents.

8:15 p.m.
Daniel Erdmann - "Therapy du Couple"

A scholarship from the Franco-German Cultural Council once took saxophonist Daniel Erdmann to France. In the meantime, he has found a new home in the northeast of France, admittedly without giving up his Berlin apartment. Almost inevitably, Franco-German relations have preoccupied him ever since, so much so that he wants to overcome the old (country) pair and their cultural differences and misunderstandings. The members of his brilliant couple-therapeutic music round come from France and Germany, Erdmann unites them to a finely balanced, sometimes orchestral sound structure. Strings and woodwinds in the low and middle registers characterize the onomatopoeias, which allow plenty of room for states of suspension and momentary images.

9.30 p.m.
Norbert Stein - Pata Kandinsky

A new, sonorous mosaic piece in Norbert Stein's constantly growing oeuvre: Panta Kandinsky. Once again, the saxophonist and composer creates "staged spaces" in which he merely prescribes moods for his instrumentalists in order to inspire them to solo, free, improvised movements. This time, the starting point for Norbert Stein's image-rich orchestral work are the creative thoughts of the painter Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), which the co-founder of the "Blauer Reiter" group and later Bauhaus master made the basis of his abstract art. Impulses for Stein's own sound figures, spaces, melodies, bundled in a flow of rhythms, harmonies and the magnetic lines of the patamelodies.

Fri, 29.09.2023

Samantha Wright – „Ivy Mind“: Samantha Wright (clarinet, fx), Sven Kerschek (guitar), Giorgi Kiknadze (bass), Rafa Müller (drums), Daniel Erdmann – „Therapie du Couple“: Théo Ceccaldi (violin), Hélène Duret (clarinet), Vincent Courtois (cello), Daniel Erdmann (tenor saxophone), Robert Lucaciu (bass), Eva Klesse (drums), Norbert Stein – Pata Kandinsky: Norbert Stein (tenor saxophone, composition), Michael Heupel (flutes), Georg Wissel (alto saxophone, clarinet), Ryan Carniaux (trumpet), Nicolao Valiensi (euphonium), Annette Maye (clarinet), Andreas Wagner (saxophone, clarinet), Pacho Davila (saxophone), Rainer Weber (bass clarinet), Joker Nies (electronics), Uwe Oberg (piano), Florian Herzog (bass), Jörg Fischer (drums)


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