NICA live: Philip Zoubek presents PLUG AND PRAY | Beatdenker

NICA live is not only presenting the music and projects of the NICA artists themselves, it also features musicians and bands who they appreciate and would like to bring to the attention of a local audience.

Pianist Philip Zoubek - NICA artist since 2020 - presents a double concert evening entirely to his taste: he brings the Belgian-French duo Plug and Pray and with it the two pianists and composers Benoît Delbecq and Jozef Dumoulin to Cologne. Both have been touring the world with various projects since their twenties and are internationally established. Now both live in Paris, hold each other in high regard and together make inspiring, creative music out of hallucinatory beats. The album "Evergreens", released together in 2017, gives an impression of this. Side fact: Jozef Dumoulin was a guest on Zoubek's Placebo Domingo at the opening night of Cologne Jazzweek 2022, alongside US guitarist Ava Mendoza.

In addition to the duo concert, there will be a set by Beatdenker. The energetic solo project of Berlin guitarist Jo Wespel (Zur Schönen Aussicht, etc.) with its postcontemporary beats draws on influences from 20th century Carnatic and experimental European music. Rhythmically complex, danceable and improvised to parts newly every time. Following his 2021's debut "Too Tall To Dance", Beatdenker's new album "Ethic Endless Fun" will be released on the 27th of January 2023.

Mon, 27.02.2023
Concert Highlight!

Plug and Pray: Benoît Delbecq (piano, e-drumming, keys), Jozef Dumoulin (fender rhodes, e-drumming, keys), Beatdenker: Jo Wespel (guitar, finger drumming, live loops)

Jazz, Improvisierte Musik, Experimentell, IDM

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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