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A delightful mixture of electronic and acoustic - instrumental aesthetics! The saxophonist and clarinettist Frank Gratkowski has been one of the internationally active networkers of a European-influenced free music scene since the beginning of the nineties. Philip Zoubek pleases with a radical and yet exquisitely sensual approach to his instrument, which seems to transform into a timbre generator under his hands. Dieter Manderscheid sees himself as an improviser in the sense of Duke Ellington: composition and improvisation flow naturally into one another. Martin Blume's playing is determined by a filigree sound aesthetic, whose driving moment is not merely rhythmic energy, but the desire for harmony with his fellow musicians. Thomas Lehn developed his own language with his analog synthesizer in the border area of classical, contemporary and improvised music.

"The idea for this quintet with top musicians of the NRW improvisation scene was born at the solidarity concert for one of the most important avant-garde festivals in Europe, the Austrian "Nickelsdorfer Konfrontationen", which was organized by Frank Gratkowski at the Loft in May. The quintet premiered at this year's Konfrontationen, which fortunately were able to take place in July after all, and musicians and audience alike immediately sensed during the performance that something very special was taking place here. A constant movement and shifting of musical textures that took place as a matter of course was characteristic of the music and inspired the group name SHIFT."
Martin Blume

Mon, 04.07.2022

Frank Gratkowski (reeds), Philip Zoubek (piano), Thomas Lehn (synth), Dieter Manderscheid (bass), Martin Blume (drums, perc)


GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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