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NICA presents ... the new artists
Since October, the six newly selected NICA artists 2020 have been presenting musical ideas, visions, cooperations or discoveries under their own name in the concert series "NICA presents".

Laura Totenhagen (vocals), Felix Hauptmann (piano), Stefan Schönegg (bass), Leif Berger (drums)
Since 2014 Laura has been breaking new ground with her own quartet: Totenhagen presents the bandleader's own compositions. Laura's arrangements and emotional settings of poets, such as Adonis, Shu Ting or Shakespeare, dress sophisticated texts in a unique garment. Classical impressionism, free improvisation or artists like Theo Bleckmann, Sidsel Endresen, Norma Winstone or other contemporary art forms serve as a source of inspiration.
Totenhagen is a band that knows how to bring together and touch intellect and emotions.
Among other awards and scholarships (2nd place Burghauser Jazzpreis, 3rd place Sparda Jazz Award, 2nd place Tampere Vocal Festival, Startup-Music-Preis Berlin,Würth Preis), Laura was a semi-finalist of the Montreux Jazz Voice Competition and was selected together with Totenhagen for the preselection of the New German Jazz Award in 2017.

Improvisation and composition - Laura Totenhagen oscillates like hardly any other musician between these two poles of musical structure formation. As a singer, she has delved deep into the variety of possibilities and nuances that her alto voice offers beyond the realm of the "beautiful". All the shrill and dark, noisy and entropic belong to her repertoire just as naturally as the delicate breeze, the soft sheen, the clear peak.

This is especially true when she uses the colours of her voice in improvisation. For her own projects, above all for the quartet "Totenhagen" and the all-female a cappella quartet "Of Cabbages And Kings", or for the pop-oriented solo program based on electronic effects, which she performed for the first time at a show by London fashion designer Paula Knorr in February 2018, her sense of structure is first of all in demand. Before Laura Totenhagen makes her voice sound here, she has long since given direction to the music as the main material supplier and subtle composer.

A classical career: born in 1992, Laura Totenhagen came into contact with music at an early age. Piano lessons, later she changes her saddle: the oboe becomes the instrument of her choice. She is talented, she is diligent, she is consistent and straightforward. Her first performances come early, her first concert tours and CD recordings with the Bundesjugendorchester. As a young student at the Cologne University of Music she deepens her classical studies. But at some point in her youth she begins to write and sing her own songs. She attends jazz concerts and is fascinated by the possibilities that arise here. She studies jazz singing, sings in the German Federal Jazz Orchestra, is supported by the Studienstiftung and has been awarded various prizes. She finishes her master's degree with distinction in February 2020 and immediately afterwards starts teaching at the Hochschule Osnabrück.

Laura Totenhagen has long been a seasoned musician, a very multi-faceted one in particular, who knows how to make feminist influence and social commitment perceptible beyond the inner references of her music, through the choice of lyrics she sings and the authors she uses, and to keep her music open to ever new stylistic influences.

Mon, 30.11.2020
Concert Highlight!

Jazz, Pop

concert hall
Start 20:00

Free admission

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