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Almost two years have passed since Niklas Paschburg presented his critically acclaimed debut album 'Oceanic' in February 2018. His first EP "Tuur mang Welten" was, by his own admission, still influenced by the heroes of his youth such as Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds or Hauschka. But with the album debut "Oceanic" he wanted to go into another, a completely own direction. A piano work somewhere between neo-classical, ambient and electronic music, and inspired by the nature of the Baltic Sea coast. And it made big waves.
For the successor "Svalbard" Niklas Paschburg went to a special environment for the creative process. In fact, to one of the northernmost inhabited areas in the world - Spitsbergen. The remote islands and their rapidly changing landscapes show very clearly the immediate and visible effects of climate change. This theme is a real affair of the heart for Niklas Paschburg, and so he deliberately confronted himself with this archaic place for the album. What all his pieces have in common is that they create great emotional moments with very few means. That's why his shows have a long lasting effect, even when the last note from the stage has faded away.

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Fri, 23.04.2021


Start 21:00

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