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The future is now.
Novaas self-titled debut album caused a lot of praise and attention last year, now she is exploring the future on her new album The Futurist. Or rather: past ideas of the future. A future that is already here. "Many technologies influence us strongly, but are hardly discussed in public," explains Novaa. Already interested in futuristic topics at an early age, she keeps asking her brother - a physicist - about new developments in technology and physical laws, devouring podcasts, documentaries and books on utopias and dystopias. "I wanted to express complicated facts in an understandable and emotional way," she says. The result: The Futurist. His eight songs are more than just great pop songs of a talented young musician, they are supposed to be a starting point for discussions. "I don't want to evaluate the concepts that I thematize in the songs", Novaa makes clear, "the songs are neutral. A start for conversation." Conversations we desperately need to have.

The Futurist deals with concepts like artificial intelligence, for example on "AI Am in Love", the first song on the album and also its first single. "It's about falling in love with artificial intelligence," says Novaa. This is a topic that is already often discussed in the film world. And in one way or another this has already caught many today - think of the addictive potential of social media, phenomena such as catfishing or new AI technologies such as Amazon's Alexa. For the accompanying video (think of The Fabulous World of Amélie in Science Fiction), Novaa wrote the script herself and also directed it - as with her debut, she takes things into her own hands and thus creates her very own cosmos.

With The Futurist, the experienced producer has taken this bike a step further. "I learned so many new things about production while working on this album," she reports. Despite the range of themes she explores on the individual tracks, the songs bear the same signature. Not an easy task, one hears the wide spectrum of sound worlds on the album.

"Ur Drones", for example, developed during a panic attack, a calming, gentle mediation about surveillance, but also about anxiety and pressure. "Elon", on the other hand, actually inspired by Elon Musk, develops into a danceable pop number, full of hope for the future. The album ends with the latest track Novaa wrote for The Futurist, "In Vitro". An acoustic guitar opens the song, followed by superimposed vocals that create an ethereal space that stretches somewhere between Radiohead's "Exit Music (For a Film)" and a bridge into the unknown.

What's left? With The Futurist, Novaa once again proves its immense talent and artistic vision. The Futurist are ten songs that will carry us into the future. A future that has long since become the present.

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Sun, 26.04.2020

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