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With the ballad "Limits" PAENDA represented Austria at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. In it, the artist describes how she goes beyond all boundaries in her zeal for work and passion for music, to the point of complete exhaustion.
The song reflects her human vulnerability, but also conveys the message of believing in oneself, listening to oneself and finding one's own way. Just like PAENDA does in her music. Without compromises, but with a lot of feeling. This also applies to her album "Evolution II", which was released at the end of April and which is so completely different from her contribution to the Schlagerfestival. On it the highest premise is boundlessness. When PAENDA tinkers with sounds in her home studio, genre drawers and stylistic cramps are thrown overboard with joy and passion. Their style mixes electronics, hip-hop, pop and techno without slipping into the clichéd pretentious.

In 2016, the Styrian-born artist brings the project to life and meticulously experiments and focuses on her very own sound. PAENDA builds bridges between the underground and the mainstream world. In singles like "Waves" or "Good Girl" she is not afraid to cross a gentle form of avant-garde with the light-footedness of pop. Just pop with claim and content, which deliberately does not turn out to be too heady. "My yardstick is my sister. If one minute after playing a song she doesn't sing or hum the hookline, I know it's not strong enough."
She has lots of strong songs on her new album "Evolution II". In a total of ten chapters, it presents itself more catchy and broadly effective. She has finally left behind the fear of compositional straightforwardness and unfolds as what she really is - a contemporary pop artist with the right feeling for subtle melodies, gentle singing and a knack for comprehensible sound structures.

PAENDA knows what she wants, and she knows how to translate these wishes into her own songs, written and produced by herself. The range of topics is imbued with statements such as self-determination, self-confidence, assertiveness and self-confidence. Their songs encourage people not to let themselves be pushed aside by society and self-proclaimed counselors, while at the same time leaving enough room for vulnerability. In December PAENDA comes to us on tour.

The tour will be presented by SCHALL.

An event by Prime Entertainment.

Thu, 21.05.2020


Start 20:00

14 € Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees.

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