Simin Tander new quartet © Matthis Kleeb

Simin Tander new quartet

The German-Afghan singer and composer Simin Tander proves once again that she is one of the most exciting musicians on the European jazz scene. Sung in English as well as in Pashto/Afghaani, her timbre, both delicate and powerfully warm, develops a pull, a quiet intensity that one rarely experiences.

Already a few years ago, she was enthusiastically celebrated by the international press for her album Where Water Travels Home. The reactions to the trio production What Was Said by Tord Gustavsen and Tander with Jarle Vespestad, released on ECM Records, were almost more effusive, and it received the annual prize of the German Record Critics. With this trio, as well as with her own formations, Simin Tander has already given numerous concerts at the most prestigious festivals worldwide.

In the fall of 2020, Simin Tander's new workUnfading was now released. In some aspects, the current album follows on from its predecessors, but beyond that Simin Tander resolutely takes different paths. The most obvious innovation is her completely reformed band. Through unconventional instrumentation and extremely subtle playing, Simin Tander's ́new quartet ́ creates a transparent and profound sound never heard before. Swedish electric bassist Björn Meyer, who lives in Switzerland, proves to be a master of harmonic underpinnings and atmospheric sounds - not least thanks to virtuoso use of electronic effects. Samuel Rohrer, Swiss in Berlin, shines once again with unusually sensitive and sound-conscious drumming, with down-tuned drums and dry-dark pulse in some grooves. Very special facets are contributed by Jasser Haj Youssef with his filigree viola d'amore, which originates from baroque music. The Paris-based Tunisian impresses with rich timbres and unique, oriental-like phrasings that at times suggest mystical moods.

Simin Tander and her chosen accompanists inspire each other, together creating a touching intimacy. Tander's voice captivates with its very own, characteristic expressiveness and appears here very close and present. The intensity with which Unfading captivates throughout undoubtedly also stems from Tander's emotional connection to the lyrics she chose for the album. In many cases, they come "from inspiring women who were or are very idiosyncratic and strong personalities within the context of their culture and eras," Tander explains. Even if the music may seem a bit melancholy at times, Unfadingin total signals a decidedly positive, life-affirming attitude. "In the word ́Unfading ́ and the whole record there is a lot of my longing to keep moving," she says, "the word ́Unfading ́ means an everlasting river that keeps uncovering itself and keeps flowing.

Mon, 22.11.2021
Concert Highlight!

Simin Tander (voice, composition), Björn Meyer (electric bass, effects), Harpreet Bansal (violin), Samuel Rohrer (drums)

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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