((( STREAM ))) Matthias Schriefl's Schlagerparty

GREEN DAYS | 11.02 - 15.02.2021

Stadtgarten presents its programme for the season in the open-air concert space Green Room, which opens on 01.05.2021, in daily livestream concerts over the Carnival weekend: Songlines goes in search of honest pop music, the Tom-Tom Listening Session offers exclusive nights with the JAKI resident DJs, at JAZZ at GREEN ROOM the Green Room sounds in the modern interpretation of an old New York jazz club and NICA live presents musical ideas and visions of the NICA Artists.

Surprise melodies for the 5th season
Today we want to celebrate the new 5th season consciously and finally in our own way!
We create our own carnival party with the worst party hits of the last 90 years and take over
the most important traditions of the Cologne carnival: You may sway along at home (you can also do it alone), bawl along and help yourself at your own bar!

Yes, life is a request concert with this band. You will experience many of these German-language hits from a new side, because such sophistication, both in language and music, is usually sought in vain in today's radio hits.
Matthias Schriefl's new band Schlagerparty leaves nothing to be desired. All band members are multi-instrumentalists and singers. With music, vocals and a lot of humour they revive the greatest German-language hits since the 30s. Of course, for this occasion they will also rehash some Cologne carnival songs in their own way. That's why the band name "Schlagerparty" is program: The musicians' biggest concern is to save the German-language Schlager and to put it back on the right track. In doing so, nothing is left out, from Karl Berbuer to David Hasselhoff, to be reinterpreted in a highly individual, spontaneous and humorous way. And that's exactly why the concert is fun for everyone who is adventurous and has good taste! It will be funny, unconventional, quirky, highly energetic and in between also simply beautiful and even nostalgically swinging.

"With trouvailles ranging from Bossa Nova to David Hasselhoff, he madly chased through the style centrifuge, definitely delivering the funniest concert." Oliver Hochkeppel, NMZ.

"There are not only first-class musicians at work, but also ingenious performers who dreamwalkingly find the balance between ironic refraction and genuine schmaltz, flowing melos and tricky groove changes, creative chaos and perfection." Allgäuer Zeitung 29.09.17 Markus Noichl / Schlagerparty

Thu, 11.02.2021
Concert Highlight!

Matthias Schriefl (brass instruments and more), Simon Rummel (piano and more), Alex Morsey (everything deep), Philipp Zdebel (drums), Sandra Klinkhammer (vocals)


concert hall Start 11:11

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