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Neue Webisoden Serie vom 7. – 12. Januar 2022

The 11th edition of the "Winterjazz Köln" festival, which was to take place from January 7 to 8, 2022 in cooperation with the artist development program NICA artist development in the Stadtgarten Cologne, unfortunately had to be canceled due to the current Corona situation. Since then, work has been going full steam ahead to make the music of the program audible to the public in its freshness and spirit of exploration despite the circumstances. This resulted in the new webisode series "Winterjazz in Space", which will feature a total of 6 broadcasts of 3 bands each from January 7 to 12, 2022 on and the Facebook channels of Stadtgarten.

All details are subject to change. Short-term program changes are possible.

Janning Trumann 4
With his internationally touring quartet, Janning Trumann plays a poetically gripping and powerfully flowing jazz: stimulatingly complex and at the same time endowed with magnetic melodies, expressive and yet always making clear musical statements. He wonderfully savors the sounds and the vocal quality of his instrument and at the same time embeds them - in collaboration with his band - in stringent compositions and their improvisational freedom. In this way an enormous, deeply effective energy unfolds.

Janning Trumann (trbn), Lucas Leidinger (p/synth), Florian Herzog (b), Thomas Sauerborn (dr)

Laura Totenhagen Solo
The usual solo singing paths interest Laura Totenhagen just as little as double bottoms, safety nets or clichés. Thus, in her performance she renounces everything concealing that could keep her from an engaging directness: She wants to challenge herself and let herself fall at the same moment. Totenhagen's performance is a curious process. An invitation to listen.

The music of these four individuals is about energy, about creating a collective expression of creativity - with fast impulses and resting phases, equally controlled and processed by all four musicians. As a strongly interlocked unit, "Structucture" develops a playing attitude that always focuses on the overall sound of the band and the flexibility of each individual musician within a uniformly moving mesh - "very modern, very sophisticated, very demanding, very creative".

Asger Nissen (as, acl), Victor Fox (ts, bcl), Roger Kintopf (b), Felix Ambach (dr)

Sun, 09.01.2022
Concert Highlight!

concert hall Start 19:00

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