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Taz Chernill presented by Tamara Lukasheva

If pop music had been produced in the 19th century, with the means of the 21st century, we would have TAZ CHERNILL to thank. Sounds that hopelessly try to catch up with modernity and at the same time run ahead of it at the speed of light. Driven by the soul of this two hundred year old teenager, the unique songs of the band are created.
Songs that reflect the voice of a future generation. A generation that suffers from attention deficit and hyperactivity. Plagued by a low self-esteem, which makes too high demands on itself and breaks down internally under the acute need to be evaluated by others.
The band itself defines its genre as polyphonic popcore: a symbiosis of the developmental styles of classical music tradition, the sharpness of electronic pop music and the exuberant energy of rock.
Currently, the band has already released two EPs ("AMORFIN" 2018, "NIMFAMOR" 2018) on the Ukrainian label Masterskaya, the founder Ivan Dorn's label. Some tracks have ended up in Hot Rotation or play lists on Apple Music and Spotify. The musicians play actively in cities in Germany and Europe, participate in international festivals (Eight Bridges Festival, C/O Pop, Jazzfestival Viersen, ASPHALT Festival, Summer Klaeng Festival, Finsterwalder Sänger, Jazz Against The Mashine, Zugvøgel Festival etc.) and work on new titles, videos and live productions.

Mon, 08.06.2020

Taya Chernyshova (vocal, keys, fx), Roman Gorich (guitar, keys, fx), Malte Viebahn (e-bass, fx), Anthony Greminger (Drums, E-Drums)

Start 20:00

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