Late Night

Julion De'Angelo © Franchesca Lamarre

ABGESAGT: No Adoration, No Humiliation w/ Julion De’Angelo (Detroit), Tim Elzer & Viola Klein (Cologne)

Julion De’Angelo is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ based in Detroit, MI. From playing the bass, cello, and drums since his preteen years growing up in North Carolina, music has always been the center of Julion’s world. With experience playing in a number of different groups - from free jazz and metal, to noise and punk - It’s this experimental sensibility and familiarity with the avant-garde that he brings to each of his musical endeavors. Specifically, the dance floor.

Julion’s first club experiences took place at the D.I.Y. club, Nightlight, and at FrequeNC & Hot Releases parties, in Chapel Hill, NC. These are the places where a stronger understanding of dance music and of bodily movement began to take shape for Julion. In all of his work, there is acute attention to the impact of vibrations on bodies, as well as the (sacred) energetic relationship that can occur between musician and listener.
Upon moving to Detroit, Julion continues to deepen his immersion in the world of contemporary Black music. In 2017, he released a debut split-EP called “Roots That Talk” with Thomas Xu, on Sound Signature; this joint release inspired them to host a party of the same name. His first solo effort, “Stand On Your Square” released on North Carolina label Tone Log Records, reflects chaos as the norm, each track finding their peace and discipline in African rhythms differently. With his recent releases, including a remix for Meakusma / Ominira & an EP for Japan’s Freedom School Records, he has continued to cultivate his heavy sound rooted in the Black American experience.

Forever connecting with his roots, he spends his time building instruments as well as playing percussion for Lisa McCall’s Afro Cuban Dance Class in Detroit. Julion's mission is focused on freedom of Black expression through sound and movement.

Funded by Kulturamt of Stadt Köln

Fr, 17.12.2021
Late Night

JAKI Beginn 23:00

12 € Abendkasse

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