Late Night

Aroma Pitch © Mathias Schmit

Tom-Tom Club feat. Aroma Pitch


Aroma Pitch are Berlin based DJs, producer and Live Trio.
Jesse Scherwitz, Julius Richter, Magnus von Welck.
Members of the Equations Collective and residents at Klub Jaki, since 2012 they also run their own imprint APR Records.

Aroma Pitch are celebrating life as it comes along. Together they keep on developing their common intuition, through playing and producing music for more than a decade. This spirit transforms into a radiating charisma on the dance floor, where they proof their ability to bond together singular moments into a fluid narrative. These connoisseurs are fine gentlemen of house and dons of disco, flirting with surreal oddities and techno. Triangular dynamics not only behind the decks, but also in the production process. They push and pull through a Klangraum full of vivid fantasies, jazzy maneuvers and warm smiles - welcoming you with humility. While the basslines from Jesse emphasize the percussion patterns of Magnus, Julius catches them both, leading the way with melodies and polyphonic modular synthesizer action. A trialogue with a slap - on record and as a live show! Growing up with jazz and percussion they have internalized a wonderful Cologne attitude that embraces interconnection and spontaneity. Living this attitude has lead them to their live residency at OHM (Tresor) with the other Equations Collective members - jamming their brains out all night long. As residents of the Cologne Sessions at Stadtgarten Köln and Jaki Club, they opened up, took over and closed the dance floor alongside the finest international DJs around. We all know from those nights - only love can break your heart - but Aroma Pitch can fix that.

Sa, 02.10.2021
Late Night Highlight!

House, Disco, UK

JAKI Beginn 23:00

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