Late Night

ttyfal / Mell G / Lena M © Artist

Verschoben: Précey feat. DJ Mell G / Lena M / ttyfal

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Lena M (Diana Kollektiv)
DJ Mell G (Juicy Gang)
ttyfal (IFZ)

After the successful launch of Précey in October, we are even more excited to announce our next event. This time we will host DJ Mell G, Lena M and ttyfal who share a love for sounds of the genres heavy breaks, house and bass music.

DJ Mell G just started her label Juicy Gang and you can find some of her productions on the Labels - International Chrome, Rascals and many more. Musically, the focus of Juicy Gang is ghettotech, breakbeat, jungle and footwork.

Lena M, is based in Cologne and we are happy to represent her as a local artist on our lineup. She is a founder and part of the DIANA Collective which is female-lead and understands itself as a music-collective open for all genders and people, with the goal of strengthening each other. Lena M also regularly hosts a radio show named - Shipwreck Champagne, where her broad musical palette ranges from atmospheric electronic tunes to Italo disco, Trance and Techno vibing in the 90s, paired with the sound of today.

Our third guest is ttyfal (talk to your fat ass later). Embedded into Leipzig’s scene since 2015, ttyfal is a journalist, promoter and producer - but first and foremost, she’s a DJ. Starting her own party series xa’li:t in 2019 pushing FLINTA* artists only, she quickly reckoned that this was the way to go for her. While all types of club-centred breakbeats are what she focuses on, Amy loves to dip into all kinds of house music as well as UK garage and other UK-originating genres. If you’re gonna hear her play, get ready for a wild ride.

Fr, 10.12.2021
Late Night Highlight!

Electro, Rave, Breaks

JAKI Beginn 23:00 Einlass 23:00

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