Ausverkauft: Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio feat. Scott Colley & Brian Blade

Die Veranstaltung ist ausverkauft: Es wird keine Abendkasse geben.

Bound by a close and deep friendship of many years, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Scott Colley and Brian Blade together form the Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio and have mastered the art of translating their personal bond into musical realms in a fascinating way. All three musicians are similar in their interpretation of jazz - very lyrical and not primarily or exclusively bound to its tradition. While they repeatedly cross boundaries in their different musical projects, all three seem to be very eager to experiment and always mark their musical territory carefully without getting lost in its vastness.

Their playful and dynamic interactions, ranging from gentle and poetic melodies to complex grooves and intricate harmonies, result in an atmosphere that makes this Austrian-American trio unique. Each note, embedded in warm sound, is remarkable and personal in its own way, opening up space as if by magic and revealing its depth. The music seems to be in a kind of perpetual limbo, never touching the ground, stripping jazz of all its supposed idleness, and conveying sensual, accessible, aesthetic elegance - a feat not many accomplish with such flawlessness.

Thu, 19.10.2023
Concert Highlight!

Scott Colley (bass), Brian Blade (drums), Wolfgang Muthspiel (guitar)


concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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