Technical Details

The STADTGARTEN offers three different concert and event levels: Concert Hall, JAKI - Klub im Stadtgarten and the stage in the restaurant.

For technical questions, please contact the technical management (Gerhard Veeck, T: +49 (0) 221 - 952 994-15 Email)
If you would like to rent the Concert Hall or our club JAKI for concerts or events please get in touch with our concert office.

concert hall

Concert hall with daylight, wooden floor, separate stage entrance through sidestage room.
Variable chair system.
technical details


JAKI - Klub im Stadtgarten holds 140m² and has a capacity of 180 persons (standing). The venue has a separate entrance on the front side of the building.
technical details


After prior consultation it is possible to use our in-house equipment:

Steinway >>A<< grand piano, 188 cm ( 6 feet), 442 hz (only usable at Concert Hall!) - our steinway is perfectly refurbished
Upright Piano Rönisch (only usable at Studio 672)
Drums Sonor Lite 20“ 15“ 13“ 12“
Sonor Lite 18“ 14“ 12“ 10“
Sonor Hilite; 22" BDR
2 snares & hardware

Bass amps: GK 112 Mbe Combo Amp / Ampeg SVT 3 pro
Bass cabinets: 2x Ampeg 4 x 10“ + tweeter
E-Voice 1 x 15“ cabinet
Guitar amps Mesa Boogie DC 5
Roland Jazz Chorus 120
Fender Vibrosonic Vintage Amp 15“
Fender Deluxe Reverb 68
Marshall JCM 900 with stereo cabinet
DJ equipment 5 x Technics 1210 MKII
2 x DJM 900 (DJ Console) ; 1x Allen & Heath xone 92
4 x Pioneer CDJ 2000 nx (CD Player)
2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000 (CD Player)