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Kompott-Auftau Party OHNE Karl Hlamkin MIT ChansonTrottoir LIVE und DJ Kosta Kostov

Unfortunately the band had to cancel the tour at short notice. But Kompott still thaws further - after all it is Kompott's birthday and spring is just around the corner.

Live on Stage: Chanson Trottoir, elegant and dirty chanson interpreters and self-inventors from Cologne with guitar, balalaika, double bass, cajón, accordion, clarinet and trumpet in their luggage.

And the special birthday DJ guest Kosta Kostov, the Balkan rocket, can with his presence almost replace the 7-piece orchestra. It's gonna be a party! Be there!

We Russians are like fish fingers: Scratchy on the outside, soft on the inside, just need to be thawed. This is the only way to get the juicy meat - the gentle Russian soul - through the hard breadcrumb. And to defrost, you either need time - by observing Russians for years and slowly gaining confidence. With heat and movement, the defrosting process is much faster. That's why we created our compote parties. We'll cart in the Russians and warm them up with music and vodka.

This time NOT in the luggage: The pressure cooker and fire accelerator Karl Hlamkin: drummer, singer and songwriter is a dinosaur among the mayflies in today's music world. A nice, cuddly, weed-eating dinosaur. For 30 years this likeable all-rounder has been shaking up the Moscow music scene - with his drums, three-box cigarette-a-day voice and sun-drenched rhythms he has become a cult performer. The music of his brass ensemble sounds like Ska, Klezmer, Rumba and Chanson - like Joe Cocker on Speed or Buena Vista Social Club on Molotow Cocktail. Plus your warm-up specialists from Kompott. Bring the fish sticks!

Sat, 06.04.2019

Russen Brass, Balkan Rumba, Vodka Musica

concert hall
Start 22:00

10 € Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees. 12 € Box Office

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