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NICA live: Sophie Emilie Beha presents Ludwig Wittbrodt // Marta Forsberg, Ella Olivia Bender

Cellist Emily Wittbrodt and Edis Ludwig on drums and electronics are LUDWIG WITTBRODT. The duo's wide-awake, unpredictably proliferating pieces defy categorization. Krautrock, early electronic music or contemporary chamber music are only rough estimates here. The trained cellist and the autodidact, best known in his role as drummer of the Düsseldorf Düsterboys, arrange sparingly and efficiently. Their music always remains transparent, even in its dense moments. They place their wonderfully simple ideas with unerring accuracy and a somnambulistic feel for the moment. LUDWIG WITTBRODT create a thicket of sounds and melodies in which you want to get lost.

Marta Forsberg is a composer, sound artist and musician working in the fields of installation art, performance and electronic music. Her practice includes sound design, composition for ensembles, music for dance, sound and light installations and work in various artistic research projects. In recent years she has released on labels such as Warm Winters Ltd, XKatedral, Superpang and Thanatosis.

For the performance at NICA live in the Green Room, Forsberg will be joined on stage by dancer Ella Olivia Bender. The show will feature a mix of her latest release Sjunger för varandra, released earlier this year on Warm Winters Ltd, and new, unreleased material recorded at the Akademie der Künste's electroacoustic studio in Berlin. During her residency, Marta explored the unique East German instrument Subharchord and worked with vocalists Rupert Enticknap and Ella Olivia Bender as well as poet and performer Agnes Schneidewind. Combining their voices with the distinctive sound of the vocaloid, she created a duet between human and synthetic voices, resulting in an intimate, otherworldly soundscape.

Mon, 05.08.2024
Concert Highlight!

Ludwig Wittbrodt: Emily Wittbrodt (cello), Edis Ludwig (drums, electronics), Marta Forsberg, Ella Olivia Bender: Marta Forsberg (live electronics), Ella Olivia Bender (voice, dance)

Jazz, Ambient, Electronic

GREEN ROOM Start 20:00

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