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Shalom Festival: Shai Maestro Trio

Israeli musician Shai Maestro (1987) is one of the most talented pianists of his generation. In just a few years, he has played his way into the premier league of international jazz. He touches people directly with his highly emotional music. Shai Maestro's playing is classical, jazzy and inspired, his compositions are mature minimalist works of art.

Since his debut with his own trio in 2011, Shai has forged a strong and unique personal identity and shown incredible musical fluidity, making him and his band one of the most powerful and harmonious groups in the music world today. With his last two albums on the prestigious ECM label, produced by Manfred Eicher, Shai Maestro joins the ranks of renowned pianists who have shaped the label: Keith Jarrett, Paul Bley and Chick Corea.

Shai Maestro began playing classical piano at the age of five, and after listening to Keith Jarret and Oscar Peterson at the age of eight, improvisational music and jazz in particular became a major focus of his playing and style. He turned down offers from renowned American music schools and at the age of nineteen joined the band of double bassist Avishai Cohen, with whom he co-wrote the famous album Gently Disturbed. For five years he enjoyed success with Cohen and drummer Mark Guiliana at the most famous festivals and venues. Shai moved to Brooklyn, New York, where he formed his own trio in 2011 and recorded six albums that marked his presence as a unique voice and artist in today's music world.

Tue, 20.08.2024
Concert Highlight!

Shai Maestro (piano), Ofri Nehemya (drums), Oren Hardy (bass)

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 18:30

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