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Songlines mit Anikó Kanthak ist Ursi Pfennig

Aniko Kanthak, Cologne-based songwriter, singer, producer, is Ursi Pfennig.

After two years searching for a suitable sound for German songs, Anikó followed her vision and arranged music in her home studio in the sound of songwriters like James Taylor and Joni Mitchel. "To combine this impression and mood with German lyrics in a band concept - that's what I wanted."
Beautiful and atmospheric it should become. Folky, close and German-language - but not profane or too kitschy. "Turn off just before 'm Schlager."

Songs dipped in nostalgia with a vocal color that carries a little more vibrato, less soul and a little lower register. Slowed down tempos. Drums and bass that carry melodically without pumping. Acoustic and labsteel guitar that weave a tapestry around the songs' atmospheric imagery.

"When I started mixing the songs, there was suddenly an "aha moment". All of a sudden everything was right for me. The sound, the vocals the attitude, the tempo. Only my name, it didn't seem to fit anymore." Thus, an alter ego emerged with the freedom to artfully express the innermost. Ursi Pfennig!

Ursi Pfennig combines nostalgia with daring and tradition of old songs with palpable lyrics. Even though Ursi is an art figure, hovering diva-like above things, she is palpable and authentic. She could pass for a friend of Hildegard Knef, only more singing. Her songs move between lightness and melancholy, with a subtle ironic twist. Casual, never put on and yet self-confident.

Personal themes, like the ever-recurring slipping away of happiness, are sung about as well as social themes, like into our basic rights or the empathetic view on the psyche of a racist.

Ursi Pfennig allows herself to be big, to span wide arcs and to let the silence stand, in order to pull on her cigarette with pleasure. She seeks dialogue with the audience and her fellow musicians. Thus she is entertaining and somewhat unpredictable. When Ursi appears on stage - who knows what she will be in the mood for?

The maturity of the accompanying musicians makes the songs shine and the audience dive. No virtuoso soloistic escapades. Ursi's songs and the band that carries them. Like a long car ride from sunrise to sunset. With 50 Km/h through the landscape of life. Farewell and new beginning.

Table for 2: 20,00 €
Table for 4: 40,00 €

Fri, 09.07.2021
Concert Highlight!

Aniko Kanthak als Ursi Pfennig (vocals, piano), Philipp Bardenberg (bass), Michi Schwiemann (acoustic guitar), Andi Reisner (lap steel, sounds), Ralf Gessler (drums)

Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Indie

GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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