Acknowledgement - свобода і мир - Freedom and Peace // Solidarity Concert


The mood of the свобода і мир - Freedom and Peace // Solidarity Concert reverberates. It was a significant evening, with painful moments. But in everything there was also consolation and "healing", as the participating Ukrainian musician Mariana Sadovska put it. And this was certainly one of the most moving moments of the evening, proving that the goal of helping those affected had been achieved.

And not only that. On this evening alone, more than 20,000 euros were raised through entrance fees, donations and broadcasting rights. And it is still possible to provide financial assistance via our donations account.

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all those who made this evening possible. But the war is not over yet. Now it is about continuing to stand by the people in Ukraine with all our possibilities.

link to the donation account:

link to the video of the concert:

link to an interview with Tamara Lukasheva on the current situation of war victims in Ukraine from 02/28/2022:

Photo: Mariana Sadovska, Tamara Lukasheva (initiator of the solidarity concert) and Taya Chernyshova (fltr)
© Niclas Weber

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