No King. No Crown.

Sincere emotions and song lyrics to the point meet with No King. No Crown. meet a modern singer-songwriter sound, which brings a touch of nostalgia and reassurance - a music for the moment to take a breath.
The Dresden indie folk band around singer and songwriter René Ahlig, guitarist Ole Sterz, who can also be heard on violin and banjo, and Martin Schuster on synthesizers, beats and percussion, create a stirring sound between folk, indie, singer-songwriter and chamber pop.

When everything changes and nothing stays the same, when we have to give up what was familiar to us, we feverishly lose ourselves in the noise of a change that almost blinds us to our dreams. Unsettled by external boundaries, we painfully guard the limits within ourselves as we carefully gather what remains of the old to put it back together.

The new album "We Made Ourselves A Home" empathetically addresses the circumstances we have become accustomed to in recent years, yet painfully try to make our own situation all the more livable.
It is an adventurous mixture of colorful dreams and silent wishes; about breaking out and arriving, stories about lost inspirations and also about the role nature has taken in our lives and how we value it.

Fri, 16.02.2024
Concert Highlight!

René Ahlig (vocals, songwriting), Ole Sterz (guitar, violine, banjo), Martin Schuster (synthesizer, percussion)

Indie-Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Pop

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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