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40 Jahre Dicke Luft

Die Sitzplätze sind restlos ausverkauft. Es wird noch Stehplatzkarten an der Abendkasse geben.

Bella Ciao, Brothers to the Sun, the International. Those were the days. The Dicke Luft came together in the 70s, was part of the new brass music movement and the left scene of Cologne. That's what it sounded like.

But even then it could be heard that Dicke Luft ignored all boundaries, pigeonholes and ideologies with relish - on one of the first recordings Ernst Jandl could be heard. Whether loud or luise, "stylistically unbound" was already in a concert review thirty years ago. Over the decades, Cologne's only true wind orchestra has become a well-known member of the cultural scene.

Something of this tradition will be heard in the Stadtgarten: Also for the birthday a march is blown to the guests - however in other form and for marching wonderfully unsuitable. A hint that the musical claim has changed since 1969. Today Bizet, Bonnen, Zappa, Breuker, Niehaus and Schifrin are played. The ensemble of brass and wood, electric guitar and percussion is indeed stylistically unbound: many forms, even more colours, often unusual meters and vocals. A lot of music.

The Dicke Luft has been a "lay orchestra" since the beginning. The committed work, however, always attracts well-known artists who support further development. So was the birthday concert. The two dozen musicians and their musical director Dietmar Bonnen are looking forward to long-standing friends who have supported many concerts and productions as guest soloists, composers and arrangers: Roger Hanschel, Klaus Osterloh, Dett Heidkamp, Dietmar Kolvenbach, Michael Pape, Saad Thamir, Bernd Schaumann ...

Thu, 03.10.2019

Almud Saxler (ob), Nicolai Fabricius (kl), Malu Grohs (ss), Beate Mauerer-Bonnen (as), Christiane Langweg (as), Olaf Reddemann (as), Anita Geider (ts), Axel Peters (ts), Claudia Betzin (ts), Gerd Müller (ts), Li Daerr (ts), Detlef Grusa (tp), Eva Hoffmann (tp), Helmut Schäfer (tp), Jörn Kreuzahler (tp), Stephan Schütt (tp), Thomas Jäger (tp), Andrea Lindinger (pos), Günter Sigle (pos), Michael Lerner (pos), Margie Osterloh (tb), Heinz 80 (sousaphon), Robby Groß (g), Bogdan Slusarski (dr), Dett Heidkamp (perc, ts), Roger Hanschel (as), Klaus Osterloh (flh), Dietmar Kolvenbach (voc, tb), Saad Thamir (perc), Michael Pape (snare), Dietmar Bonnen (musik. Leitung)

Jazz, Funk, Weltmusik, Big Band

concert hall
Start 18:00

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