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CANCELLED: Lagerfeuer Deluxe: Nico Gomez und Annie Bloch

Die Veranstaltung wurde leider vom Veranstalter abgesagt. Tickets können an den Vorverkaufstellen zurück gegeben werden.

We start again weekly with the crackling campfire Deluxe in the Green Room, the most cozy open air
Spot of the city.

Nico Gomez
Nico Gomez played his first tour when he was not yet born. Night after night he stands on stage in his mother's womb until he was born in Cologne in 1990, with the groove in his voice. He is soon drawn from his childhood room to his father's studio, where he looks over the music producer's shoulder at work until his eyes close. There he dreams himself onto the stage and it is clear that the music won't let go of Nico. In his early childhood he learns to play the drums and piano. First by notes, then by feeling. He starts to compose, produce and sing his own songs. Nico starts to play concerts in different instrumentations. From big bands to rock and funk bands, from acappella bands to symphony orchestras. He loves variety. To this day, Nico still makes music whenever an opportunity arises: At open-air gigs, in clubs, with "The Voice of Germany" in the Lanxess-Arena Cologne or in the Munich Philharmonic, throughout Germany and beyond the German borders.

Annie Bloch
Annie Bloch (Ann-Christin Bloch), born 1994, studies music, always and forever. From everywhere she looks for her once known, mostly unconscious influences for her songs. Between compositions for theatre and film, Sunday organ improvisations and excursions into jazz sessions and minimal worlds, she places her songs in alternative arrangements and says all the rest in lyrics that meet hearts and minds in a very inner world, which has just as many questions as she does. On the never-ending journey to and through and on and under music, Annie searches and lets songs tumble wherever she goes.

table for 2: 20,00 €
table for 4: 40,00 €

Fri, 03.07.2020


GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

Stadtgarten-Cards are NOT valid for this event

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