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CANCELLED: Monsters for Breakfast

CD Release - special DJ performance concert - remix. resample. release.

Monsters for Breakfast is a contemporary vocal duo of new improvised music that will present their second album "Too Much To Carry" with a special live DJ performance. Thea Soti and Mascha Corman will remix their new album live on stage. The performance concert aims to explore new dimensions in the presentation of improvised music and experimental sound art

The unique vocal duo "Monsters For Breakfast" from Cologne is not only known for their special instrumentation and their own improvisational language, but also for their joy in experimenting with collaborations. In recent years, they have worked with various ensembles and artists* from Oslo, Copenhagen, Portugal, Japan and the Cologne improvisation scene and have been asked to work on interdisciplinary works (dance, theatre) by composers and on projects. Last year Monsters for Breakfast were scholarship holders of the individual artist promotion of the SK Stiftung KölnBonn and now they present their second album. Her focus is on textile improvisation and influences of new music.

Mon, 23.03.2020

Mascha Corman (vocals), Thea Soti (vocals)

Experimental, Performance

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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