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CANCELLED: Paul Heller invites Judy Niemack, Fay Claassen, Jeff Cascaro & Norbert Gottschalk

Next Level Jazz Vocal Summit 2

Due to the current situation the concert has to be cancelled. We would like to ask all Paul Heller subscription buyers to contact the concert office: / 0221-952994-11

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What has not all been written and conjectured - about the supposedly tense relationship between instrumentalists and vocalists, between "musicians" and "musicians" on the one hand and singers on the other. Undisputed: Prejudices have always existed and have been cultivated for a long time. And not only in jazz. Even the not-so-small faction of double talents, of protagonists who use the larynx and hands equally, has been unable to change this. Not to mention the fact that some vocalists use their voices instrumentally and naturally understand them as "instruments", and instrumentalists, in turn, strive to give their sound and playing a vocal quality. Long gone are those days and years when singers were only assigned a short guest role with two or three songs at big band concerts as a decorative, singing and swinging "accessory". Even situations in which the instrumentalists exercise the greatest restraint and more or less poutingly take on the role of the pure accompanist of beautiful voices are not passé, but are only a part of everyday jazz music.

Time for a vocal summit that does away with traditional clichés and stereotypes. Paul Heller (who is married to a female singer, if I may mention this here) has invited four excellent vocalists for Next Level Jazz - to put a possible gender discussion to rest: two women and two men. The American Judy Niemack, who passes on all her experience and knowledge and is now the first female jazz professor in Germany to teach singing in Berlin. The Dutch Fay Claassen, one of Europe's most convincing representatives of American vocal art, internationally in demand for workshops and master classes. And two of Germany's best representatives of the profession: Norbert Gottschalk, teacher at several music academies, singer and guitarist/trumpeter, and Jeff Cascaro, professor in Weimar, singer and trumpeter, who sums up his credo as follows: "I have never distinguished between jazz, soul or blues, I am a musician. Period." For all four of them, the following applies: They are singers and musicians. Period.

Sun, 10.05.2020

Paul Heller (tenorsax), Judy Niemack (vocals), Fay Claassen (vocals), Jeff Cascaro (vocals), Norbert Gottschalk (vocals), Hubert Nuss (piano), Caris Hermes (bass), Hans Dekker (drums)


concert hall Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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