Late Night

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Altes Neues Jahr // Kompott Silvester-Nachfeier Party mit MC Killo Killo (Serbien)

We at Kompott love the New Year celebration because it unites the whole world: the Spanish eat grapes, Italians wear red underwear, Bulgarians hit their backs, most shoot something into the air, the French celebrate quietly and Russians 2 weeks at a time.
New Year's Eve was the most important holiday of the year in the Soviet Union, replacing carnival, Christmas and all other religious festivals. As an adult you have experienced a different (mostly drunk) miracle every New Year's Eve.
Most remarkable, however, was "The Wishing Table wonder". Even at the worst times, when sausages were made from toilet paper and toilet paper from Leninism textbooks, the tables on New Year's Eve were filled with incredible delicacies as if by magic: Tangerines from the 3-day queue, a salami criminally acquired in April and Crimean sparkling wine from the bribe supplies of the boss with whom one had to sleep only once for it. Unlike in Germany, "Ded Moroz" (the Russian Santa Claus) also came by exclusively on New Year's Eve. And because New Year's Eve often goes wrong because of high expectations, too much pressure or too much alcohol, Russians simply celebrate again two weeks later according to the orthodox calendar. And we're always there for it.
As always with a fir tree, tangerines for everyone and our good old friend and Serbian brother and Ded Moroz - MC Killo Klillo with Balkantunes and Dancehallriddims in the bag. Also present: The sobering commissioners of Kompott.

Fri, 10.01.2020
Late Night

Gypsy Swing, tropical russen disko, balkan bass

concert hall Start 23:00

8 € Box Office

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