Asher Gamedze © artist

Artist Talk: "Dialectics & Soul" w/ Asher Gamedze

Moderation: Hanna Bächer

IN BETWEEN SPACES is a series of events and platform for music, sounds and sound art from Africa, the Arab world and Europe, their social contexts, transcultural issues and artistic collaborations.

Before the concert, there will be a unique opportunity to dive into the artist's work around his album "Dialectic Soul" at an Artist Talk with Asher Gamedze. The talk will be moderated by Hanna Bächer.

"Dialectic Soul" is the title of the great debut album by South African drummer Asher Gamedze. Here, Gamedze combines soulful free jazz and clear, lyrical melodies to create a broad, poetic music - and in the title he deliberately relates two sources of power in the struggle for freedom and equality: the dynamic critical thinking of Hegelian-Marxist dialectics and the opening soulful power of (soul) music.

In a conversation with Hanna Bächer about the interrelationship of music and society, Asher Gamedze provides insights into his work as a musician and historian, the specifics of the South African jazz tradition, and the aesthetic origins of musical forms of expression in the experience of and struggle against racism and oppression before his Cologne concert.

At 8:00 p.m., Asher Gamedze plays at In Between Spaces in Stadtgarten as part of his quartet's first European tour.

Tue, 08.11.2022

lounge Start 18:30

Free admission

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