Devendra Banhart © Lauren Dukoff

AUSVERKAUFT: Devendra Banhart

After the first single release "Kantori Ongaku", "Ma", the new album of the American-Venezuelan folk singer Devendra Banhart, will be released on September 13th. His first album since Ape in Pink Marble (2016) is full of loving, autobiographical character sketches and marks a turn to complex, captivating storytelling and emotional intimacy after the sound experiments of his previous works. Bahnart's voice and guitar are preferably accompanied by organic sounds, the arrangements are enriched by strings, woodwinds, wind instruments and keyboards.

The work, simply titled "Ma", is Devendra Banhart's third album for Nonesuch, one that - often in fascinatingly intricate ways - addresses the unconditional nature of motherly love, the instinct to nurture, the sharing of knowledge, the longing to build a relationship between mother and child, and the consequences of breaking this bond. Banhart does not approach the maternal theme in a literal way, but rather considers, touches and considers the concept of motherhood from different angles and thus produces an album of the most diverse, interwoven narrative strands. His concerns are as personal as they are global, with subtle autobiographical reflections on life and death and a reflection on the delicate state of our world. Three tracks are in Spanish, a language that is as much Banhart's mother tongue as English, and one in Portuguese. The artwork of the album shows an oil painting by Banhart.

An event of Konzertbüro Schoneberg.

Wed, 29.01.2020

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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