BLACK ICE IN RIO - CCJO feat. Stephan Braun

Extraordinary playing techniques, rhythmic sophistication and melodic inventiveness are the hallmarks of cellist Stephan Braun. He has found his own language on the foundation of classical music in the improvisation of jazz, and in his compositions he makes the cello sound extremely varied - sometimes lyrical, sometimes groovy, sometimes wild. Combined with arrangements and compositions by Marko Lackner, this results in an exciting mixture in which the CCJO artistically enters new spheres. The compositional examination of the solo instrument, which is not quite typical of the big band, promises surprising border crossings, both stylistically and sonically, which Marko Lackner consciously approaches in order to elicit new, unheard sounds from the CCJO. From delicate string tones to groovy beats to orchestral big band power, the energetic arc of this multi-layered program, created especially for this evening, spans.

Sun, 20.11.2022

Jan Schneider, Christian Winninghoff, Matthias Knoop, Matthias Bergmann (trumpet), Peter Schwatlo, Andreas Schickentanz, Ben Degen, Wolf Schenk (trombone), Kristina Brodersen, Matthew Halpin, Francois de Ribaupierre, Marcus Bartelt (saxophone), Jürgen Friedrich (piano), Johannes Behr (guitar), Volker Heinze (bass), Jens Düppe (drums), Marko Lackner (composition, arrangement, conduction), Stephan Braun (composition, cello)

Jazz (Big Band)

concert hall Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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