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Bobby Sparks

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It took a long time to produce this extraordinary collection of different songs. But it was more than worth it - it shows the broad musical vocabulary and the almost inexhaustible creative urge of keyboardist Bobby Sparks. From slamming funk to slow, groovy soul ballads and forays into the genres of straight-ahead jazz, fusion, orchestral and world music: the aptly titled album Schizophrenia - The Yang Project unites a variety of different musical styles without losing sight of the big picture.

"The solo debut of keyboardist Bobby Sparks II is a huge bag of wonders, full of curiosities of all kinds. It's an opus magnum, a weird musical autobiography peppered with allusions and sound documents, an unconventional tribute to the heroes of funk - which is not called "schizophrenia" (...) for nothing." Jazzthing

"It's nice that such bold, off-mainstream album productions still exist." eclipsed Rock Magazine

Tue, 17.05.2022
Concert Highlight!

Bobby Sparks (keyboards), James Robinson (vocals), Keith Anderson (saxophone), Jay McK (bass), Brannen Temple (drums), Ernie Green (DJ)

Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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