Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt / Zonke Family - Reconstructing Song | Doppelkonzert

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Zimbabwe's mbira music is one of the most fascinating musical traditions in Africa. As with the more famous Malawian Kalimba, its complex "kaleidophonic" rhythms are created by plucking the mostly metal lamellas attached to a board or resonance box.

Local variations, ways of playing and designations are manifold: The Matepe from the Northimbabwean border region to Mozambique is played in ensembles of two, three or more players. Each musician juggles up to four independent melody lines simultaneously. Rhythmically and harmonically extraordinarily multi-layered, their sound is characterized by spectral complexity and amazing psychoacoustic phenomena.

The matepe players of the Zonke / Tsonga family from the border town of Nyamapanda are among the few living masters of this unique local music tradition. Their music is also largely unknown in Zimbabwe's urban centres and will be heard for the first time in Europe in spring 2019 - among others at the World Minimal Music Festival in Amsterdam.

A complexity full of anarchic sharpness, buzzing punk energy and explosive polyrhythmic arises in the duo of Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt. While Orcutt has impressively broken his own path with the Noiserock trio "Harry Pussy" and his radically fragmented guitar style between noise, stuttering blues and Southern folk influences, Chris Corsano's borderline virtuoso drum sound is between free improvisation (with musicians such as Paul Flaherty, Joe McPhee, Evan Parker and Okkyung Lee), Avantrock (with Sir Richard Bishop, Jim O'Rourke) and the collaboration with exceptional artistic artists such as Björk, Ghédalia Tazartès, Merzbow and Jandek are as recognizable as they are flexible.
Their interplay sounds at first like pure chaotic energy, but on closer listening turns out to be a highly attentive dialogue on the unsecured outer borders of noise, rock and jazz.


Zonke Family - matepe, percussion, vocals

Bill Orcutt - electric guitar
Chris Corsano - drums

Tue, 02.04.2019
Concert Highlight!

Mbira-Musik, psychoakustische Phänomene, Noiserock, Experimental, Avantrock, Percussion

studio 672 Start 20:30 Doors 20:00

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