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PA69 © Tonia Erismann | Wa22ermann © Rosa Lotta

Cologne Music Week: PA69 & SONOS CLIQ

Conscious-Rap for unconscious people: DJ Dope, Rabatto and TURBOGIANNI are PA69 (pronounced PI-EY-NEUNUNDSECHZIG), a hip-hop formation from the north of Berlin.

On stage and in press photos, the three always wear pink balaclavas and wet sweaty spotted camouflage suits. In their tracks, PA69 combine disruptive beats that sound a bit like Bassboxxx or the early Sekte with lyrics that, in their cynical-ironic lashing out, are reminiscent of cockfighting K.I.Z. The result is music for people who want to be in the know. The result is music for people who have had an earworm of the Bratmaxe song for 10 years, are stuck on 2000s hip-hop, drink monster energy, fingerboard, eat in XXL schnitzel restaurants, go fishing, listen to EDM at the gas station yard with the trunk open, and wear shoes that light up when they step on them. Songs for you and me that is!

The young Berlin rapper will already be known to most through her TikTok 'For You' section.

But at the latest after Wa22ermann's first singles & an overwhelming start into the live season, the whole scene is talking about the newcomer.

With casual matter-of-factness & blunt punchlines Wa22ermann tells us in her songs about everyday life in Berlin and is not afraid to switch between fat 808 basses and synthetic sound backdrops. Thereby the Kreuzberger doesn't have to sell an exaggerated image, but impresses with authenticity.

Fri, 28.10.2022

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

Free admission

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The concert is unseated. There will be no seating.

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