Cologne Music Week: Tom Allan & The Strangest

Two musicians meet in a bar. Open mic session, a few beers. Tom meets Evan Beltran, who makes a name for himself as "The Strangest". "Same wavelength" describes only approximately what happens then, the two are musically a perfect match. Their cultural-historical idols are the same, they have the same ambitions. The Mexican guitarist and the British-German songwriter decide on the spot that from now on they will continue as "TOM ALLAN & THE STRANGEST". Tom has the songs, Evan the licks, the attitude, the rough guitar sound. Leather jackets both wear. Together they recorded their debut album. The godparents are quickly named: Oasis, The Clash, The Libertines ... recorded at the "Clouds Hill Recordings" studios in Hamburg; like Peter Doherty, one of the musicians who inspired Tom at the beginning. "Dear Boy" is the title of the album. It became very, very good and from 16.11.2018 available everywhere. Tom Allan and Evan Beltran dream of giving guitar music more recognition in the pop world with energy, melody, melancholy and above all with attitude. Two highly talented young musicians and lyricists, who succeed in making some of the best from the recent musical past their own, modernizing them and transporting them into the present. In the near future, the 4-piece live band will transport their album repertoire to the German stages. Visitors of the Reeperbahn Festival 2018 will remember how Pauli station burst at the seams when TOM ALLAN & THE STRANGEST entered the stage - and burned down.

Fri, 25.10.2019

Evan Beltran (g, v), Nico Gomez (dr), Robin Shepherd (b), Thomas Allan (g, v)

Indie, Rock, Punk

jaki Start 21:15 Doors 21:15

Free admission

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