Late Night

DJ Spit © Nick Androbik

DJ Spit pres. Explorers feat. DJ Spit, Emma DJ & Philo

DJ Spit presents Explorers

EXPLORERS is a new, format of the Berlin artist DJ Spit, which is specifically aimed at an open, music-loving and contemporary audience. With EXPLORERS DJ Spit created a platform that promotes intercultural exchange in order to sustainably enrich Germany as a music location and to highlight local talents. With a curation at Melt! festival, consisting of a diverse lineup of international and local artists, DJ Spit recently managed to establish the project on a global scale. Instead of fixed genres, the motto of the platform is "genre-fluidity" on the dancefloor.

Since the start of 2019, Parisian based Emma DJ has been building a rapidly growing catalogue of releases with 3 albums on cassette tapes as well as upcoming releases on imprints like Collapsing Market, L.I.E.S and BFDM to name a few.
A remarkable output from the Finnish native who’s been quietly forging an aesthetic of his own following a decade in electronic music across all corners of the industry.His productions display a clear penchant for harder, grittier and ever indescribable sounds, translating directly into his DJ sets.In addition to his growing touring schedule, Emma DJ has been running the Fusion mes Couilles parties for the past 3 years. The infamous underground events have made an important impact beyond the comical appeal of its name through subtle curation and a fresh approach to club culture, gaining him and the rest of his collective a singular reputation across the Parisian scene.

Fri, 30.09.2022
Late Night

Techno, Bass, UK Garage

jaki Start 23:30

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