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Efrat Alony’s "Hollywood isn’t Calling“

Award-winning Israeli singer-songwriter Efrat Alony takes a playful approach to her new project "Hollywood isn't Calling" and brings an unusual pair of opposites to the table together: humor and profundity sit attentively across from each other...The profundity with a thoughtful eye - the humor erratic and disarming. And when both are ready to swap places, they finally realize with surprise that they are much closer to each other than they suspected...

From this interplay emerges a lightness that brings Alony's seductive poetry to even more dynamic fruition. Her strong soulful voice is able to slip effortlessly into the most diverse characters and emotions like a wonderful being that constantly takes on new forms. "Hollywood isn't Calling" gives her a fresh vitality and sonorous dexterity.
Frank Wingold (git) Henning Sieverts (bass), Heinrich Köbberling (drums) and Efrat Alony as a quartet lend strength and fragility at the same time to the music as modern storytellers through their inexhaustible liveliness: a cleverly exciting play of contrasts and depth with a bright wink.

Thu, 20.10.2022
Concert Highlight!

Efrat Alony (vocals), Frank Wingold (guitar), Henning Sieverts (double bass), Heinrich Köbberling (drums)


concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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